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Hi, my name is Faye.

I am the founder of KRAFTiROOM, a small business that creates and hand paints unique pieces of art on wooden boards. I am a stay at home wife and mother of two beautiful little girls. 


The story of KRAFTiROOM all started with an idea.

I purchased a vinyl cutting machine with the intention of personalizing my daughter's 2nd birthday decorations.  I was too scared to start using the machine because I have never operated one before and I was overwhelmed.    My new machine ended up sitting in the closet in its unopened box for 8 months until Christmas neared.  Since I don't particularly like buying gifts for family, fearing they may not like what I selected, I used the opportunity to jump into my craft.  


I gathered the courage to design a few signs for our family members that we would soon be visiting for Christmas in the States.  They loved my designs and I was thrilled with their reactions when they opened the personalized gifts.  


This joy and encouragement from the family built my confidence and then ideas just started flowing.  One after another, the ideas came...making wood signs - but we live in military housing in Japan and it's small!  I decided to open the business and it was very successful until my 2nd daughter was born and all of my free time disappeared.  


To keep the business active and remain connected to people, I decided to offer painting classes.  Once again, I fell in love with my new creative outlet.  I love sharing creativity with others in a small, cozy environment.


These workshops give you the opportunity to learn the technique of perfectly painting lettering on wooden signs.  Not only do you get to learn the process, you get to paint your design yourself in a warm and fun atmosphere.  What brings me joy is to see your excitement and amazement when the sign is finished. Peoples' most frequent comments are: "I can't believe I made this!", "I didn't think it was going to look this good!", and "I can't wait to do it again - this is so much fun!!"

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