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What is a wood sign workshop?

This is a fun, social event where I bring the supplies...and you create a unique, custom-made wood sign for your home (or for a gift).  No prior experience necessary!  Supplies include the wood boards, custom vinyl stencils, a large variety of paints, paintbrushes, tools, glitter, aprons, and more.  


Tell me more.

These workshops give you the opportunity to learn the technique of perfectly painting lettering on wooden signs.  Not only do you get to learn the process, you get to paint your design yourself in a warm and fun atmosphere.  What brings me joy is to see your excitement and amazement when the sign is finished. Peoples' most frequent comments are: "I can't believe I made this!", "I didn't think it was going to look this good!", and "I can't wait to do it again - this is so much fun!!"


Do I have to pick out my design ahead of time?

Yes, all of our parties require pre-registration at least five days before the scheduled party date - this allows me enough time to prepare and customize your materials.  There is also a custom design option; for simple customizations such as your last name or initials, there is a $10 charge which can be added to your cart as you sign up for a workshop.  For more complex and intricate requests, we will talk more in details and I will provide you with a custom quote.  


How do I sign up for an upcoming party?  

Please check out our schedule of upcoming events and browse the designs we have available for you. When you are ready to register, please visit book a workshop ( to enter your information and pay for your spot.  All of your customizations will be captured in the registration process - your preferred sign dimensions, wood stain color, design, frame supplies, etc.!


Can I have a private party with KRAFTiROOM?

Yes!  I have an inquiry form that will help us plan a great event together.  Many of the same rules apply for private parties (# of guests, registration deadlines, cost, etc.).  There are a few key differences:

1. We select a date and time together.  I prefer to work on Fridays and Saturdays.

2. You create the guest list (10-30 people).  I will send you a private web link for your guests to register.

3. You select and reserve the party location.  

4. As the host/hostess, you will provide food, drinks, décor, music, etc.

Private parties are a fun and creative way to get a group of people together!  


Where are the workshops held?

For public parties, either at a Main Base or IKEGO tower party room or my house - depending on the number of attendees.  For private parties, you provide the location and I provide the supplies.  Please have a location set and/or reserved with Housing at least two weeks prior to the party date.  I prefer to work in the tower party rooms with one large space, such as Shobu Heights or Tsubaki Heights.  Please know that KRAFTiROOM is not permitted to do a party off-base.  


How many people can attend a party?

We require a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 30.  If you want to host a private party, please make sure your location can comfortably seat each guest with his/her own work station, approximately 25"x20" deep.  


Will I get dirty?!

We will be using paints, stains, and sandpaper.   I provide disposable gloves and aprons, but please avoid wearing your favorite or most expensive outfit!


Is there an age requirement?

For parties where alcoholic beverages are served, the minimum age is 21.  For parties without alcoholic beverages, the minimum age is 14.  For kids' parties, the minimum age is 6.  Thank you for understanding!


How long does a party last?

Typically a party lasts between 3-4 hours, depending on how many people are there and how much chit-chat is going on.





Do you offer refunds?

Due to the custom nature of these parties, there are no refunds for cancellations for any reason.  However, your payment is transferable to a future party within ninety (90) days.  Please try to let me know in advance if you cannot make it!


May I buy a gift certificate?  

Yes!  You can visit and select a gift certificate option at the bottom of the page.  Gift certificates are valid for six months.  To redeem a gift certificate, the recipient will click on "redeem coupon" at the very top of the scheduling page:


I have more questions - what is the easiest way to contact you?

I check my Facebook page often; please feel free to send me a message there!  



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